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Discuss the three principles of determining the theme

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Believe that a lot of people know, determine the theme in the enterprise marketing website construction is a very important link, is to determine whether the website can play its due effect of the determinants. Any website before the production, we need to determine its theme, which includes the content displayed for the user, design style and characteristics, and so on, determine the theme, the website can be targeted and targeted, such a website can better serve users, provide help for users, and ultimately achieve success. To this, talk to everybody about, when affirming sale type website theme, behine follows 3 big principles.
The theme should be simple and clear
Concise and clear theme is able to let users quickly understand the core content of the site, and can get help what, reduce the difficulty of the user browsing the site, such a site will be deeply loved by users. After all, as the Internet becomes more and more developed, there are more and more information for users to choose, and users will have less and less time to filter each website. Only websites that allow users to define their content quickly can attract users' attention. Therefore, the site theme in line with user needs and aesthetic at the same time, must be concise and clear, to let users quickly understand the content and access to information, for the user to save time.
The theme should be creative
Only from the point of view of user requirements, to meet the needs of users of web site, the user to choose a site can solve their own problems, as a result, these sites will lose competitiveness, can only wait for the user to select to this website, so just can have the chance of this site, but the chance is very slim. Therefore, to change this situation, enterprises must make their own site theme creative, to reflect the difference, so that users will feel the site is very special, compared to the natural will like and choose this site.
The theme should be objective
In determining the site theme, the most important is to have a goal, only the theme has a clear goal, then the site will have a goal, and to achieve this goal. This goal is the will or effect that the enterprise hopes to achieve through the website. Therefore, the enterprise in determining the site theme, the first need to consider is to fit the purpose of the site, to keep consistent with the goal, or according to the goal to design the theme, so that the site can attract potential users to visit the site. Any website is more likely to succeed only if the subject has a purpose.
In fact, in the enterprise to determine the marketing of the site of the theme, there are many details need to be followed, the above list is just one of the most important, the most core, but also the first to consider the three principles. Only in doing this on the basis of three aspects, will make the site's theme more clear, more clear, the site can also have a stronger user attraction, so as to have a better effect. Otherwise, the site theme is not clear, it is equivalent to the enterprise's profit model is not clear, so there is no doubt that only failure.

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