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How to use BBS to promote the website these matters should

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Website built, well done after SEO optimization, you need to our website to promote out, there are a lot of on promotion way, inside the BBS promotion is an effective method, using the high popularity of weight BBS, increase the external exposure site, attract more people to click on our website, so, how to use BBS to promote?
1. Clear positioning and promotion purpose
First of all, we need to know what is the nature of the website we want to promote, what are the characteristics, with what advantages to promote and attract users, these are what we should know clearly, only after we know these clearly in the promotion of the post will be more confident, clear goal.
2. Understanding of relevant website contents
If we are in the promotion of skincare website, so for skincare related professional knowledge is relatively understand, this actually need not say.
3, look for the target BBS
Continuing with the example above, suppose I am promoting skincare products BBS. First, we need to make a mobile phone of various skincare products, and then classify and summarize these skincare treatments. , for example, according to the division of the brand, according to the functions can be classified, according to the price can be classified, according to the classification of the gender, according to the classification of the country, according to the classification of the age, and so on, has been clear about the skin care products have what aspects, and then some aspects of them after an in-depth understanding of the find more adaptable to the BBS of promotion.
4. Registered users and familiar with BBS
After registering BBS members, don't rush to post advertisements in it. First of all, we should spend time to understand all aspects of BBS, including some taboos, main functions, section Settings and popularity of BBS. The most important thing is to see who is the main crowd of BBS.
5. Focus on cultivating a small number of modules
A large number of sections in the BBS, but not all of the sections are free to post, we need to select this BBS is popular, the launch content at the same time and we will have a higher degree of joint section as our main target, and then take the time to become an expert in this section, or hot spots. For example, if we want to promote their SEO blog, you can choose webmaster network BBS, and then catch one of the more popular to promote a board, every day in the board answer questions, for others in the following follow the question also patient answer. In the end can attach if the other party does not understand the place can contact me and other words, and then leave the QQ or website address, so that no matter understand or do not understand the person may click on our site, so as to bring traffic for us.

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