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Three major problems that enterprises have to face

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I believe that when you use apps, you will often encounter, the higher the popularity of the APP, the more smooth the use of the APP, the less popularity of the APP, the use will encounter a lot of problems. Therefore, if the APP is good enough and the experience is better, more people will use it and the APP will be more successful. If there are a lot of problems with the APP, very few people will use it, and the APP will fail. Therefore, xiaobian believes that in order to make APP applications successful, enterprises have to face the following three problems in the development process.
The first problem: network errors
Data show that the network problem is a major cause of lead to uninstall the APP users, imagine the enterprise the cost of expensive to produce an APP, and constantly put into operation and promotion, very not easy to attract users to focus on and download, but when users to download an APP, but found that this APP to open it, can't normal use, the user must be uninstalled. This will not only make the APP completely wasted, but also cause great loss to the corporate image and hinder the development of the enterprise, which will bring great loss to the enterprise.
Second problem: caton flashback
Caton and flash back all in one of the most common questions of using an APP, although users when using an APP, appear such circumstance is not necessarily every time is the APP itself, but the user usually for this APP has a problem, besides, the user change the APP is easy to use, to change the cell phone use is not necessarily true. Therefore, in view of such a situation, when making an APP, the enterprise should not only adapt to the flagship device, but also consider the adaptation of old and low-end devices, which can be used normally in most cases, so that most users can use the APP normally.
The third problem: power consumption
To remove the above two problems, one is also very serious, that is the memory and CPU, an APP and electricity problem, if the user when using an APP, once appear such problem, will cause the very big damage to mobile phone, believe that no one is able to endure, fun, after all, nobody will take their mobile phone, unloading is the only choice. Therefore, if an enterprise wants its APP to be supported by a large number of users, it is necessary to optimize the resource occupation and power consumption of the APP, and give users a normal APP, so as to win the approval of users.
As for the above three questions, I believe everyone will encounter opportunities in the process of using apps, which are also common problems. Therefore, when users encounter any APP with the above problems, they will take uninstall measures to reduce the damage of their mobile phones, just like everyone else. Although some apps will inevitably be blamed, users will not care about these. Therefore, if an enterprise wants its APP to achieve ideal results, it should first solve all kinds of problems encountered by users in the process of using it, so that users can use it normally. Only in this way can the APP be successful.

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