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Restaurant kitchen function area division: staple food, non-staple food, dry goods warehouse, pickling room, noodle, snack room, cold vegetables, vegetable processing room, meat, aquatic products processing room, garbage room, cutting and matching room, dozen lotus area, cooking area, cooking area, catering area, sales, transfer area, dining area.
1. Hot kitchen area: gas stove, steam rice cabinet, soup stove, cooker, steam cabinet, induction cooker, microwave oven, oven;
2. Storage equipment: it is divided into food storage section, flat shelf, rice noodle cabinet, lotus table, etc., seasoning cabinet, sales table, various bottom cabinets, hanging cabinets, corner cabinets, multi-functional decorative cabinets, etc.
3. Washing and sterilizing equipment: cold and hot water supply system, drainage equipment, washing basin, dishwasher, high-temperature sterilizing cabinet, garbage disposal equipment generated in kitchen operation after washing, food waste shredder and other equipment;
4, conditioning equipment: mainly to adjust the table, arrange, cut vegetables, ingredients, modulation tools and utensils;
5, food machinery: mainly dough mixer, mixer, slicer, egg beating machine;
6. Refrigeration equipment: cold drink machine, ice machine, freezer, freezer, refrigerator, etc.
7. Transportation equipment: lift, transfer ladder, dining ladder, etc.;
Kitchen equipment can also be divided into two categories according to use: domestic and commercial. Domestic kitchen equipment refers to the equipment used in the home kitchen, while commercial kitchen equipment refers to the kitchen equipment used in hotels, restaurants, bars, coffee shops and other catering industries. Commercial kitchen equipment is larger, more powerful, heavier and, of course, more expensive due to its higher frequency of use.

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